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 Calcium carbonate Experements

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PostSubject: Calcium carbonate Experements   Calcium carbonate Experements Icon_minitimeWed Oct 15, 2014 2:13 am

Calcium carbonate Experements Img_2011

after some thinking, i started with some lime stone, i was wondering if there was some good mstate in there,

Calcium carbonate Experements Img_2012

when i took some of the calcium and added some hcl the stuff dissoved slowly, it was some what fomey, this was to be expected as the the solution would relese some CO2,

afterwords the solution became a brown color
this was the solution after filtration.

Calcium carbonate Experements Img_2013

the next thing to do was to make some NaOH solution this was made pruty strong, and added to the solution, this done some what slow so that the particles would break down slowely,

the ph was brought to >13+
the precipitate was formed,
some interesting things to obbserve here is that the the oil of limestone was in the solution, the color looks very yellow,
with some expiriments it shows that there is no more precipitate in solution so the color can not come from that..
Calcium carbonate Experements Img_2017
Calcium carbonate Experements Img_2016

the plan now is to see if the mstate precipitate wants to dissolve in the high ph sollution.. as it seems that mstate is amphoteric this meens that it will dissolve in high ph and low ph not only in low ph,
if this is the case in this process then with some incubation of the solution we could make the mstate soluble and so seperating it from the calcium carbonate,

what is to come....?

(1) i will go and set this solution in a water bath and let it solve for some time,

(2) seperate by filtration.

(3) lower the ph of the solution and then try to precipitate it with NaOH " if a precipitate forms we know that mstate in limestone is amphoteric.

(4) if a precipitate is formed..? it will be washed, not trowing the first wash away ....! the first wash will be distilled, this to see if the yellow solution is made by the oil of limestone or true some other means..

pictures will folow when the process is updated.. Smile

With love
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Posts : 56
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Calcium carbonate Experements Empty
PostSubject: Re: Calcium carbonate Experements   Calcium carbonate Experements Icon_minitimeWed Dec 31, 2014 8:44 am

The last update of the year,

the first experiment did not yield any mstate what so ever, but... Smile
there is happening something now,

i had a whole load of limestone power in digestion with soler charged hcl for about a month or 2 "totally forgot about it"

now i filtered this a few times so that it was nice and clean,
i added quite fast a lye solution to bring the ph up as match as possible to about 13-14
then it stood for about 2 days and i filtered the solution it gave a golden colored filtrate,
this is wanted to make neutral but overshot the point and it went down fast to about ph3, solution was clear as water,

i wanted to boil of the water so that i could concentrate the oil in there as it seemed to fix when in lower ph, so it would be safe for a boil, so i added to the ph3 solution a bit of lye to make it neutral again, new when i did this is saw that the solution would produce clouds, after checking, and bring up the ph all the good stuff precipitated, its quite a bit and it seems to be quite fine it does not want to settle very well.

so the conclusion now is:
(1) that the mstate in limestone is amphoteric,
(2) the oil fixes in a lower ph

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Calcium carbonate Experements
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