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 Living Caustic potash

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PostSubject: Living Caustic potash   Living Caustic potash Icon_minitimeWed Jul 09, 2014 9:10 am

Good day to you all,

i have done some experiments lately and i would want to share some of my methods of creating a living Caustic Potash, this so that the substance one is extracting will still contain life force and will not be dead,

if one adds a dead substance to a living one the living one will die,
using a living substance this will not happen,

now for the substance to make, Caustic Potash or Potassium hydroxide (KOH)

Go to the woods and find your self some good Wood,
the best wood one can use is rotten oak wood, this wood will be full of life force, collect some of this wood "enough to make a good fire"

next go to the beach and collect yourself some good sea shells, collect allot of it,

crush the seashells into 0.5mm pieces.
get a good stone/clay pot and add the sea shells to it.

now make a good fire from the wood you collected, and add the the pot with the seashells to the fire and let it heat it..

want happens here is that by the heat the calcium carbonate is decomposed into calcium oxide, and liberating carbon dioxide.

after the fire is gone out, you will be left with white wood ashes, collect this wood ash, and add it to some fresh distilled rain water.

let this digest for some days in the sun in a closed glass pot,

filter this liquid, and slowly evaporate some of the water, this will leave u with a very strong alkaline solution of potash (Potassium carbonate)

take the calcined sea shells and crush and wash them a fuw times in some fresh distilled rain water

this will leave u with some nice calcium hydroxide
add this calcium hydroxide to the potash solution,
the potash will be converted to Caustic potash, let it digest in the sun for some days in a closed pot, than filter the solution,

slowly evaporate the solution and one will be left with Caustic potash that is still full of life,
this is ideal for alchemical purposes.

With love...
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Living Caustic potash
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