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 Salts that could be used for extraction

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PostSubject: Salts that could be used for extraction    Thu Apr 10, 2014 3:12 am

hay all,

this is a list of salts that could be used for the Extraction M-state matter.

Dead sea salt   | DSS | mostly Gold.

Salt lake salt  | SLS | 19% gold / 30% rhodium / 5%  iridium

Pacific salt    | PS  | 8-14% gold / 30% rhodium / 6-9% iridium  

Celtic sea salt | CSS | *

Himalayan salt  | HS  | *

Sea salt        | SS  | *

the most effective way of extracting from these salts is the NaHCO3 Method located here
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Salts that could be used for extraction
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