In this forum we will be able to discuse all metters of M-state Research, you will be able to share photos quick and easy and chat with the other users. for eas of research.
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 m-state Crystals NaHCO3 Dark Room

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PostSubject: m-state Crystals NaHCO3 Dark Room   Tue Aug 26, 2014 10:29 am

Hello All,

About a Year Ago I made a batch of Celtic Sea Salt with saturated NaHCO3, I filtered the solution and let it dry slowly on a dark room.
About 2 weeks some star crystals beging to form on the surface:

After a month more star crystal form on the surface:

Then by the weight of the crystals on the surface the crystal formation sunk to the bottom of the beaker and they seem to re-dissolve again.
After more weeks pased another group of star crystals start forming on top of the surface and again sunk under they own weight:

The walls of the beaker have growing crystals from the evaporation some of them go even outside the beaker:

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m-state Crystals NaHCO3 Dark Room
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