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 NaHCO3 Method | effects of sodium chloride in final hydroxide Precipitate

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NaHCO3 Method | effects of sodium chloride in final hydroxide Precipitate Empty
PostSubject: NaHCO3 Method | effects of sodium chloride in final hydroxide Precipitate   NaHCO3 Method | effects of sodium chloride in final hydroxide Precipitate Icon_minitimeWed May 07, 2014 5:17 am

it is known that m-state reacts in some way with sodium chloride and or sodium, and is suppose to stabilize it from EMF, it is also believed that it will make the m-state less volatile.  

after doing some experimentations i like to share with you my results.

the experiment went as followed.

i wanted to make a Precipitate with sodium chloride in solution,
and one were it would not be in the end product. i did this as followed.. (observations were interesting)

I made some crystals with the  NaHCO3 +H2O2 Method

this solution is clear of magnesium calcium and sodium chloride, (Tested here)

when i have my H2O2 crystals dissolved in water it will give a green solution, now if i precipitate with NaOH there will be no sodium chloride made in the solution. (lets assume for a moment that the m-state is gold)

AuO* + NaOH ---> AuOH + Na+
or                                           (im not sure about these reactions)
AuO* + NaOH ---> NaAuOH

and if i first add HCL to the H2O2 crystals (dissolved in water) the solution will turn clear,  if i precipitate this solution with NaOH it will contain sodium chloride. no bubbles were observed while adding HCL

AuO* + HCL ---> AuCl + *
AuCl + NaOH ---> AuOH + NaCl

the observations i made were interesting.. the precipitate with the sodium chloride is not as fluffy and it looks kind of like a gel, and the total Precipitate drops pretty quickly to the bottom. you can see small flakes forming in the solution,  and these will slowly drop

when this happens it will look kind of like a gel that is completely flat (no fluff visible anymore just a gel like substance ) it is not completely white, its some what transparent.

the precipitate that hes no sodium chloride in solution, behaves very different, the precipitate will drop in stages first you will see that there is flakes forming and that the heavier flakes will settle to the bottom pretty quickly(faster than the solution with NaCl), the solution is still white (because of suspension of micro particle) and the last of the very volatile will drop very slowly, these particles are very fine(and you cant see them as particles only as whiteness) they do not form flakes, on top of the water you will see a small skin witch will drop after some time with some agitation of the water.

they will still look like a fluff when on the bottom. and is very white.
it sticks to the walls of the glass container, and you will need to agitate it from time to time to let it completely settle down.

the thing is no matter how many times  i wash the precipitate with the NaCl it will still look the same...?
this would tel us that the NaCL is somehow reacted with the m-state, or it would, by washing turn back to fluff, but it does not...

so im curies what bio essay will reveal witch of the 2 would be best to use, i must say that i feel allot more attraction to the powder without the NaCl than that with the NaCl.

now i do not know what the composition is precisely of the H2O2 crystals, but it looks like some strange peroxide,  so i was a little curious what side reaction was formed
if i add NaOH to these crystals dissolved in water what  it would form, something like this
Au(O*) + NaOH ---> Au(OH) + Na+ or NaOH

i dont know if this is possible but if there is a free sodium in the solution that is not attracted to the chlorine (not there),

maybe it is possible that something like Au(O*) + *NaOH ---> Na*Au(OH) is formed(as stated above) if this is so it would maybe hold the Gold (as a capping agent) in to the correct particle size..?

as i have stated above, the precipitate without the sodium chloride is match more like the descriptions of the white powder  farao  than that with the sodium chloride. one thing i can conclude is that the sodium chloride indeed makes the m-state less volatile(it drops allot faster in total) it makes it more earth like and it fixes the volatile... this is very apparent  

The ph of bought hydroxide precipitates are after good washing is 8.5...

On the Right side you will find the precipitate that is without the Sodium Chloride

NaHCO3 Method | effects of sodium chloride in final hydroxide Precipitate Img_2020

NaHCO3 Method | effects of sodium chloride in final hydroxide Precipitate Img_2021

NaHCO3 Method | effects of sodium chloride in final hydroxide Precipitate Img_2022

""More Photos will follow..""

thanks to some good information of Andreas, that was taken out of a book the Micro Clusters from the Max Plank university
we now know for a faked that the smaller the particles the more volatile they become witch sound logical Smile

now knowing the above experiment and its results,
we could in a sens state that the m-state with NaCl is less volatile then the one without it, and this could mean that the Precipitate with NaCl in solution will have a larger particle size than the one without it(this is theory), this duo the faked that the NaCl bonds with the precipitate in some way...

now according to the alchemists the more volatile and subtle the better the effects of the m-state (manna) as we know the element associated with the manna is Fire, witch is the most volatile of all the 4 elements. (going from less to most volatile : earth water air fire)

now to this analogy it would not be great to use the NaCl in solution because this wild yield a less volatile end product.

With love...
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NaHCO3 Method | effects of sodium chloride in final hydroxide Precipitate
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