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 Testing for purity on the H2O2 Crystals

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Testing for purity on the H2O2 Crystals Empty
PostSubject: Testing for purity on the H2O2 Crystals   Testing for purity on the H2O2 Crystals Icon_minitimeTue May 06, 2014 4:57 am

Some tests that were preformed to test the purity of the H2O2 crystals.. "discribed here
tests were preformed to see if there was still Mg Ca or NaCl
in solution

the crystals failed multiple times for a positive Mg Ca or NaCl

first test
if i precipitate this solution (H2O2 crystals in water) with NaCO3 it will not form a precipitate,, Calcium carbonate and magnesium carbonate do precipitate when adding NaCO3.          

second test.
when the H2O2 crystals are in solution and HCL is added, and the solution is slowly evaporated (40-50c) it will form very small cubic crystals,
this is very different crystal shape that will form when u have magnesium or calcium chloride.

3e tests,

adding H2SO4 to the H2O2 crystals (dissolved in water) will not precipitate anything not even under high heat, this would tel us no calcium is present.
when slowly evaporating this solution you will and up with very nice Needle like crystals, almost looks like small hairs.
magnesium sulfate is very slushy and defendant does not look like that.

the sodium chloride is even washed out of it before the H2O2 step so nothing of that is in there as well..

4e tests
Calcium carbonate and magnesium carbonate are not soluble in H2O2 (miscible) and do not react with them,
it works only as a catalyst on the H2O2 to faver decomposition to 2H2O and O2.

this gives me confidence to say that there is no Mg* or Ca* nor sodium chloride in the final solution.

With love...
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Testing for purity on the H2O2 Crystals
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