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 KerkRing menstruum

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PostSubject: KerkRing menstruum   KerkRing menstruum Icon_minitimeMon Apr 14, 2014 2:22 am

this must be Tested... this is theoretical..

here is a description on how to create the KerkRing menstruum, with this menstruum it is claimed that one could extract the red oil from minerals.

We will need 2 things Ammonium Chloride (NH4CL)
from a natural source is best but synthetic will do it as well

and we will need Wine spirit (ethanol form wine)

it is very imported that one would use wine spirit and not plane ethanol, in syntactic ethanol there is no life force and will be dead.

you will take some of the Ammonium chloride and will sublimate it in a stone pot or oven dish,
take two pots or dishes, use one for a lit,

when u slowly heat the ammonium chloride it will sublimate at a temperature of about 338c and in turn will condense on the lit. the crystals will be yellow to red, sublimate at least 3x this will make sure that it is all pure and filled with fire (energy)

now you have your pure Dry wine spirit 95 procent at least, take 4 parts ammonium chloride to 10 parts wine spirit and combine the 2 in a flask at the new moon, close the flask...

this is done and is the key to alchemy, it will combine the 2 energies of the matter and make it one.

after 1 moon cycle open the flask and distill the wine spirit, do this until most of the wine spirit is distilled, do not distill to dryness leave some wine spirit behind, the residue can be collected and stored for later use.

now distill the wine spirit very gently 2-3x it will leave no residue.

this is your KerkRing menstruum, you have now brought mineral energy in to the vegetable kingdom (wine spirit).

when u use this menstruum you will give vegetable energy to the minerals, and this will accelerate the minerals evolution. and will grow to its perfection..
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KerkRing menstruum
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