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 Preparing sodium bicarbonate Alchemicly

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Preparing sodium bicarbonate Alchemicly    Empty
PostSubject: Preparing sodium bicarbonate Alchemicly    Preparing sodium bicarbonate Alchemicly    Icon_minitimeSat Apr 12, 2014 2:23 pm

now we know of the information in the post on Sodium bicarbonate that it can be prepared in the following reaction.

NaCl + NH3 + CO2 ---> NaHCO3 + [NH4]Cl

now we know how we can make NaHCO3 in a reaction but how would we do this alchemicly { or in the right way so that the spirit of the particular kingdom will be in the final products }

the final product are:
NaHCO3 (sodium bicarbonate)
[NH4]Cl (ammonium chloride)

the 2 substances can be separated by means of recrystallization.

[NH4]Cl hes a solubility of 297 g/L (0 °C)
NaHCO3 hes a solubility of 69 g/L (0 °C)

now the preparation can be done in more then one way. Here is the most simple but will also take the longest..

add some common salt { sodium chloride } to a large flat oven dish or something similar, it should not be metal.

now cover it with a towel and set it outside
but protect it from rain.

after some time the salt will absorb water from the atmosphere and the salt will becomes wet,
now there are some some process here going;

in the atmosphere there are allot of gases, like ammonia and CO2..

when there is water in the atmosphere it will absorb some of these gases, so the water in the sodium chloride will contain ammonia and CO2 so this forms are reaction and after some time
and allot coagulations ( evaporations on the day and absorption on the night } have taken place
you will see that the sodium chloride hes bin replaced with  ammonium chloride and sodium bicarbonate, these crystals look very deferent form common salt so you can see when it is finished the process    

there can now be separated by recrystallization with distilled dew or rain water.
as stated above sodium bicarbonate is allot less soluble then ammonium chloride so it will precipitate out of solution when you freeze it do the math and you will have a good and reasonable pure product

now you will have your ammonium chloride for the KerkRing Menstruum witch can be made more pure by means of sublimation

and you will have your sodium bicarbonate for the NaHCO3 Method

the second way you can prepare it correctly is some what quicker but it will be some what less powerful  

if u take common salt { sodium chloride }
and and digest it in some spirit of urine { ammonia hydroxide with spirit of the particular kingdom } for a moon cycle

add some distilled rain water
and then bubble some air or CO2 true the water

this will form the same and products and will need to be separated by means of crystallization as shown above.

Digestion with the spirit of urine should be done at 40c and in a closed container for one or more moon cycles the longer the digestion the stronger the energy will be inside the end product.

with love...
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Preparing sodium bicarbonate Alchemicly
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