In this forum we will be able to discuse all metters of M-state Research, you will be able to share photos quick and easy and chat with the other users. for eas of research.
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 Introduction of Panoramix "Admin"

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PostSubject: Introduction of Panoramix "Admin"   Introduction of Panoramix "Admin" Icon_minitimeTue Apr 08, 2014 2:35 pm

Good day all,

i my self did allot of work and research in the whole M-state or OMRE or ORMUS,

i found it hard to find some good information on the subject, allot of the information that i found was full of  advertising of all sorts of products made from sea salt precipitates, and i could not rely figure out what was true or not.. some say this some say that to promote there particular products, this not rely bad, but if u are searching for information on how it works and how to extract it u will not get allot of variety, and all bits and peaces are all scattered around the Internet, linking here and there. I myself am pretty good in using the internet en a search engine, but for some people this could be a problem, and not to mention quite aggravating that after so long, that it is known, there is still not a rely good place were all information is compressed in to a nice format and excusable for all.

i know about the news groups on yahoo and the subtleenergy website, but i rely dont like the hassle on the mailing list, there is no real good way to share good work here, no pictures can be sent and i find it hard to hold track on the list, + it mailbombs my perfectly good mail address with mails.

i my self am a member on the list and am know as FF ff and i have posted some interesting work on how to extract M-state from salts, but i found it hard to share the work with the people there, not that they did not want to but it is hard to post pictures and i found the mailing list style confusing, but this could be me, i find it some what outdated. the subtleenergy website that is full of info but i find it some what outdated in look and in layout. and no way to talk to one and other.

so i decided to make my own forum with as a goal to get the information in one place, and be able to communicate in a more 21th century way, with chat and forum, and be able to share pictures in nice format with information in the right place.

i am spending allot of time in collection the information and compressing it in the format of this forum, so i hope all of u will like this.

With love...
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Introduction of Panoramix "Admin"
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